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Property. Prosper. Retire

Property. Prosper. Retire.

The latest edition of the Australian best seller that has created over 2200 property millionaires is now on the shelves!

In Property. Prosper. Retire., investment expert Kevin Young explains the secrets of wealth creation and outlines his plan for you to become wealthy too.

Cost is just AU$29.95 (inc. postage within Australia).

Buy it now

Book Contents:

Part One
Chapter 1 Who is Kevin Young?
Chapter 2 How to retire in just eight years
Chapter 3 Positively geared can be positively dangerous
Chapter 4 How to research investment properties
Chapter 5 The four steps to wealth

Part Two
Chapter 6 Getting started
Chapter 7 No equity in your home and/or no cash? No excuse
Chapter 8 Great Australian dream or nightmare
Chapter 9 Purchasing – Tips and traps
Chapter 9.1 Traps waiting for you in property and how to avoid them
Chapter 9.2 Applying for finance – Tips and traps
Chapter 9.3 Insurances – Tips and traps
Chapter 10 Why pay income tax?
Chapter 11 Getting the sums right
Chapter 12 Will superannuation enable you to live well in retirement?
Chapter 13 How you can test the Kevin Young Retirement Plan
Chapter 14 Planning your retirement: Questionnaire
Chapter 15 Property versus shares
Chapter 16 What happens when you die
Chapter 17 Answers to frequently asked questions
Chapter 18 The housing crisis
Chapter 19 Young investors
Chapter 20 Success stories and testimonials from TIC members
Chapter 21 Club Cares – Our registered charity
Chapter 22 Conclusion

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